Research and Development

The R&D and the consignment study for the medical supplies utilizing chromosome engineering technology


Fundamental technology:

The construction of HAC/MAC vector 

  • HAC/MAC can be transferred to other cell lines by microcell-mediated chromosome transfer (MMCT).

  • Generation of Trans-chromosomic Animal with *HAC/MACs.

       *HAC (Human Artificial Chromosome), MAC (Mouse Artificial Chromosome)



Advance technology:

The production of Trans-chromosomic (Tc) animals with a human chromosome fragment or  novel HAC/MACs (NACs).

- The development of animals producing a fully human antibody

・Animals harboring NAC vectors can only make complete human antibodies.

・We cooperate with an enterprise with know-how about antibody production, build the technology which raises a probability of gaining antibody with the ideal feature to a broad antigen and provide it.

・We're advancing it collaborating in Tottori University chromosome engineering research center(supporting by Basic Science and Platform Technology Program for Innovative Biological Medicine of MEXT).

- The development of animals with rare genetic disease

・We already have developed model animals available for a study and a tool of drug discovering to Down’s syndrome (Mouse, Rat), Muscular Dystrophy (Mouse) etc.

Development of novel human and mouse artificial chromosome (NAC) vectors

Constructing process of NAC vectors will be more speedy and easily.

Related Article:

<Chromosome engineering and HAC/MAC>

Oshimura et al., Chrom.Res. 2015

A pathway from chromosome transfer to engineering resulting in human and mouse artificial chromosomes for a variety of applications to bio-medical challenges



Memoirs of the science

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